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To whom it may concern,

                              I was first acquainted with Stephen Peirce Just over 2 years ago whilst he was working for Whelan Electrical, Since then He has performed many technical electrical jobs for Kabi Golf including Repair of a flow meter, and replace and configure a variable Speed Drive on our irrigation Pump set. Recently we had a significant power surge through the installation, significant damage was done to our irrigation Variable speed switch board which caused it to be inoperable, and Stephen rebuilt and reconfigured the contactors and found a fault with the PMU controller circuit, after this initial repair we were left 2 out of 3 pumps running. On return Stephen Installed new contactors and timers replaced the faulty switch on the PMU controller and more importantly found the reason the lightning arrestor did not work.         I recommend Stephen for any electrical work, particular fault finding exercises.    Peter Hussie           2IC


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